HR Business Accelerator Program (HBA)

Grow or start a successful HR-related business

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        Enjoy of all this . . .

        • One-to-One Marketing Deep-Dive
          with Ben
        • Bite-sized training videos
        • Monthly group Q&A calls
        • HR Business Owner Discussions
        • Marketing playbooks
        • Easy, guided online worksheets
        • Pre-written ChatGPT Prompts
        • Online To-Do List task
        • And much more...

        "Ben is an outstanding resource for helping HR consultants with any aspect in the Human Resource field which is why I highly recommend him without reservation.   Ben's information is not only fresh, but useful and 100% proven effective."

        Jeanette Verhovany
        Virtual HR Canada


        “Ben is super knowledgeable in the HR & marketing space and he knows how to get results.”

        Adam Hankin


        "Thank you very much, Ben. All my gratitude for the outstanding support to my business and me personally. Your advice and expertise has been so helpful."

        Ana Josefina Gonzalez
        Core HR


        "Working with Ben was the best decision I could have made for me and for my start-up business. Thank you Ben for sharing all your knowledge and experience."

        Tiaan Dwyer
        FIC Consulting HR, Payroll, & Labour