HR Consultant Bootcamp

Grow Your HR Consultancy In A Faster, More Profitable, More Predictable, And More Enjoyable Way
Starts Monday 24 August 2020

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Ana Josefina Gonzalez

CEO - Core

Thank you very much, Ben and Mandy.

All my gratitude for the outstanding Bootcamp and support to my business and me personally.

My team and I have made many positive changes to our HR consulting business and we are already winning new large corporate clients as a result.

Your advice, quick feedback, and expertise have been so helpful.

I encourage other consultants to join the Bootcamp next time it’s on, they won’t regret it.

You Don't Need To Do It All Alone

Dear Fellow HR Consultant (and future consultants!),

Is your HR consulting business not quite the success you had hoped for when you left the corporate world (or are you nervous about making the leap from the corporate world into self-employment)?

Do you sometimes feel frustrated that, even though you’re highly effective and you offer excellent consulting services, you’re still not getting the number and quality of clients that you deserve?

If that’s the case, we want to stress: It’s not your fault.

HR consultants are amazing at bringing about positive change in organisations.

On the flip side, they’re generally not so strong at sales and marketing; they’re not used to generating a steady stream of business leads.

And why would they?

Sales & marketing is not meant to be your natural area of expertise.

That’s why we’ve teamed up and combine our knowledge and experience.

We are going to take you by the hand and walk you through everything you need to do in this short, intensive HR Consultant Bootcamp.

Are you ready?!

What Is HR Consultant Bootcamp?

This 5-week Bootcamp will show you everything you need to build a healthy and enjoyable HR consulting business.

You’ll have everything you need: Knowledge, support, feedback, resources, and a solid action plan.

Most important of all, you’ll now have the confidence to start bringing in more of your dream clients.

You'll love having a roadmap and support to create the type of business and life you can be proud of and that makes you happy.

How Does It Work?

This ain’t no country club! This is Bootcamp!

Here's what happens over the 5 weeks:

  • The Bootcamp will run for 5+1 intensive weeks. (A 1-week mid-Bootcamp break for you to have a breather.   :)
  • You’ll do a business self-assessment questionnaire that you can use to pinpoint the areas that need special focus.
  • A training video and associated workbook will be released every Monday.
  • One-hour Q&A video call every Thursday. You don’t need to attend the live call – you can submit questions ahead of time and you will get the recordings. These Zoom calls will be every Thursday (US/EU time zones) at 8:30pm UK time/3:30pm US eastern time/7:30am Friday Australian eastern time.
  • You’ll get workbooks, quick guides, and/or scripts to copy.
  • You’ll be given quick tasks to complete each week (to help you maintain the momentum).
  • You’ll join a members’ only online chat group for networking and discussion.

Questions You'll Get Answered During Bootcamp

Here's just some of what we'll work through during Bootcamp:

  • "What type of HR business is best for me?" Choosing the right positioning and target market is central to everything you’ll do. It is probably the single biggest difference between success or failure.
  • "What HR services should I offer?" You have so many skills and so much experience. What HR-related services should you offer to clients? How much should you charge?
  • "How should I market my HR consultancy?" – There are so many marketing strategies & tactics out there. LinkedIn is so crowded, Twitter is so angry. How are you going to find the right people and bring them towards your HR consultancy?
  • "How will I convince people to buy my HR services?" As an employee, you didn't need to sell anything. Now, suddenly, you have to go out there and convince people to buy your HR products and services. 
  • "How can I bring in more revenue and run a profitable HR consultancy?" You don't get that steady paycheck from your employer any more. You'll need to have a clear plan on how to boost the profitability of your business and improve your cashflow so things become easier and more enjoyable.
  • "I'm a little scared. How do I stay positive?" Running your own HR consultancy is exciting but it can feel a little daunting at times. You'll need to establish a business growth mindset.

Hear From A Fellow Bootcamper

Listen in as HR Consultant,Rob, shares his Bootcamp experience with Mandy.

Thanks, Rob!

Chen Geffen Shalev

Founder – CommReady

If you’re feeling stuck or you want an external perspective to move your business forward, I highly recommend you join the Bootcamp.

Mandy and Ben shared so many helpful ideas and did it in a structured way that kept me focussed on growing my HR business.

The calls and the email support were fantastic – they were exactly what I needed. I now feel so much more confident about my business.

Meet Your Coaches

HR Consultant Bootcamp is run by Mandy Withers and Ben Geoghegan.

Meet MandY

Mandy is a highly successful HR consultant based in the UK. One of Mandy’s specialties is helping independent HR consultants to achieve steady cash flow within 6 months so they can grow their business.

Meet ben

Ben is a former HR consultant-turned marketing consultant for businesses in the Human Resources industry. Ben is the founder of the HR Consultants’ Online Conference and host of the A Better HR Business podcast.

Veronica E. Udah

HR Consultant

“I really appreciate Ben and Mandy’s business growth advice and ideas.

It’s helping me grow a stronger, more enjoyable HR consultancy.”


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  • Full HR Consultant Bootcamp
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  • Business Deep Dive Self-Assessment
  • Bite-sized training videos each week
  • Quick start workbooks or worksheets each week
  • One-hour group Q&A video call every week
  • Various scripts and templates to use instantly
  • Accountability Partner to keep you on track and making progress
  • Bootcampers-only online chat group for networking and discussion
  • Newfound confidence to create the type of HR business you desire