HR Consultants' Online Conference [Full Access Replay]

Get All The Help You Need To Grow Your HR Business (From The Comfort Of Your Own Desk)

Learn From Successful HR Industry Consultants & Business Experts

Are you a consultant in an HR, training, recruitment, D&I, coaching, employee engagement, or some other type of HR-related consultancy?

Learn from nearly 40 speakers: HR consultants and business growth experts on how to grow your HR-related consulting business.

Over 1,000 people like you attended the live conference when I ran it earlier this year. 

People loved it!

I didn't want you to miss out so, for a limited time, I am making the recordings available to you.

All The Advice You Need To Create A Successful HR Consultancy

I gathered together an amazing collection of successful consultants from the HR world and many business growth experts.

Together, they will share with you their insights, advice, and expertise to help you:

a. Start a successful HR-related business, or . . .
b. Grow your existing HR-related consultancy faster and easier.

You can now get access to the full conference replay.

You will have access to all the presentations for 6 months so there's no rush to watch everything right now.

Please note that the Conference Community (chat forum) is now closed as it only ran during the live event.

Who Should Watch This Conference Replay?

You should watch get your replay ticket if:

(a) You are part of a consulting firm in any area of HR, such as training, employee engagement, general HR, employment law, recruitment, etc.
(b) You are currently employed in-house in an HR-related role but like the idea of going out on your own one day.
(c) You are an independent consultant in the HR industry.

There are nearly 40 speakers discussing all aspects of how to grow a successful and profitable HR-related business.

Speakers include:

- A best-selling leadership expert whose TED talk has been viewed more than 2 million times.

- A former global HR executive who now runs a highly successful HR consultancy.
- Other amazing consultants who have made the leap to start their own businesses.
- World-leading experts on SEO, LinkedIn advertising, and more.
- Expert advisors and popular HR software companies.
- And many more.

Conference Schedule [Replays]


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    Enjoy nearly 40 amazing presentations from people entirely focussed on helping you grow your HR consulting business.

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