Online Mini-Workshop: How To Turn Your Website Into An Automated Lead-Generation Machine

Make your website work harder to convert website visitors into new clients for your HR-related business [pre-recorded workshop]

Will you join me at the recorded mini-online workshop?

You go to so much time and effort to get potential new clients to visit your website - don't let them slip away never to be seen again.

Let's design you a nice, simple automated marketing system that helps you generate more meetings with potential new clients.

An Easier And More Effective Way To Bring In More New Clients

Let's turn your website into a sales lead machine that produces sales meetings on autopilot.  

Let's sort you out with a plan, tools, and templates so you can start bringing in new clients even while you're not even at your desk.

What We'll Cover

Here's what we'll cover in this pre-recorded workshop which you can access right now:

  • Why we want 'automated' marketing to nurture and convert cold website visitors into warm and hot  new sales prospects for your HR industry business.
  • How to set up a simple email marketing system using that works for you on autopilot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even if you're not around. 
  • The power of 'lead magnets' and how to create the right ones.
  • Different types of automated marketing funnels you can use.
  • How to segment your audience so you can educate and nurture your relationship with different people in different ways.
  • Simple, free or inexpensive software tools you can use (such as Mailchimp and other such systems).
  • How to implement the system quickly and easily. 
  • How to make improvements and scale it up over time (including how to combine it with paid online advertising).

Course Curriculum

George Ankle

Founder and CEO GOVERNHR™

Ben combines his broad HR knowledge and marketing skills to provide course participants with an easy to follow road map for achieving success in growing their HR Consultancy business.

Ready To Set Up Your Automated Sales Process?

You've got the skills and experience to make a positive difference.

It's time to step up your sales game and bring in more clients. 

What You'll Get

Here's what you get in this pre-recorded mini-online workshop:

  • The marketing strategies and advice I share with my private clients in the HR sector. 
  • Simple process summaries.
  • Marketing scripts & templates to copy & paste
  • Marketing content ideas that will attract your ideal clients. 
  • Advice on simple ways to use technology to free-up your time. 
  • Q&A time to get your specific questions answered.
  • A recording of the workshop if you can't attend live (or if you want to watch it again). 
  • Plenty of real-life examples from the HR industry.

Jeanette Verhovany

CEO & Founder
Virtual HR Canada

Ben Geoghegan is an outstanding resource for helping HR consultants with any aspect in the Human Resource field which is why I highly recommend him without reservation. 

I first met him virtually a few years ago when he started distributing very insightful articles on how to expand your clientele network as an HR Consultant no matter where you were in the world.  His information is not only fresh, but useful and 100% proven effective.  

I think anyone in the arena of HR consultancy work can benefit greatly from Ben's expert advice as he has the secret roadmap to help any consultant looking to successfully navigate major growth opportunities.

Meet Your Trainer: Ben Geoghegan

Ben is a former HR consultant-turned marketing consultant for businesses in the Human Resources industry. 

Ben is the founder of the HR Consultants’ Online Conference, the HR Business Accelerator, and host of  the A Better HR Business podcast.

Paul Smyth

Managing Director
Top Tier Recruitment

"Ben has taken our marketing and lead generation up to a whole new level. He’s delivered a powerful combination of strategy, execution, and iteration to help us reach new top-level clients."


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