A Powerful Planning Tool For HR Business Founders . . .

The HR Business Planning Masterclass & Workbook

A simple, editable planning document to help you plan for the best year so far in your new or existing HR business.

The HR Business Planning Workbook Is Going To Help You Generate More Revenue And Put A Spring In Your Step!

Hi there,

If you're an HR professional and you want to start your own HR business, or you're already running your own HR business, you'll like this special workbook I've put together which will help you develop your business plan and have a much better year ahead.

It's a simple, editable document, with both Microsoft Word and Google Docs versions, where I'll guide you through a clear review and planning process to:

✔️ Set clear, achievable revenue goals that actually give you practical targets to aim for each month and year.

✔️ Work out your required sales goals and conversion rates in an easy to understand way that takes you to your target revenue.

✔️ Define what you want from your business, both in monetary and personal ways.

✔️ Improve your HR services with these thought-provoking business review activities.

✔️ Improve your marketing & sales so you start to bring in more sales prospects and new clients.

✔️ Improve your cash flow so you can start enjoying life a little more  :)

✔️ And much more.  

Again, the workbook is editable so you don't have to print it out if you don't want to - you can work straight in the document right there on your phone or on your computer.

The workbook is for people in the field of HR who run or want to start their own HR business.

And, by "HR" I mean Generalist HR, Recruitment, Learning & Development, Employment Law, Remuneration & Benefits, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Engagement, and so on.

About The Author 

My name is Ben Geoghegan, and I'm the host of the podcast, A Better HR Business, in which I've interviewed hundreds of HR people just like you about how they started their HR business and what they're doing right now to grow their business.

I've also helped hundreds of people around the world to start and grow their HR business so I've pretty much seen it all.

In addition to giving you the HR business planning workbook, I'm also going to give you the recording of a short, private briefing session where I walk you through each section of the workbook - how to answer each question as well as ideas and suggestions to make your HR business more successful.

If you'd like a simple planning document to help you plan for the best year in your HR business, I'd suggest you grab a copy of my business review and planning workbook while it's still available.

Simply purchase the workbook and you'll get instant access, plus, I've added a few bonus gifts in there to give you a little inspiration for your business journey.

I hope it helps - let me know how you get on!

Ben Geoghegan
Host of the 'A Better HR Business' podcast
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions others have asked us...

As a business founder, you need to work 'on' the business as well as 'in' the business - this is a powerful tool to help you do that. You get a super practical workbook that gives you financial targets as well as big-picture self-reflection questions and prompts to help you create the right type of business for you and your wants and needs. This workbook and masterclass could add some serous money to your business and put a spring in your step each monring.

By 'HR', we mean any area of the broad Human Resources function, including Generalist HR, Recruitment, Learning & Development, Employment Law, Compensation & Benefits, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Engagement, etc.  

Yes, we've successfully helped hundreds of HR business founders around the world to start and grow their business around the world. More importantly, we've helped hundreds of different types of HR businesses, including Generalist HR, Recruitment, Learning & Development, Employment Law, Compensation & Benefits, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Engagement, etc.

You'll enjoy full access to all the workbook and on-demand masterclass for 12 months.

We've created a special online portal which contains everything. After purchase, you'll be emailed details. You'll then have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


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