Why Your Business Might Not Be As Profitable As It Should Be

Learn five steps to boost profits this quarter...taught by a down-to-earn small business CFO.

What You'll Learn

Here's what Adam will cover in this short ~20-minute training session:

  • The 3 big challenges facing 90% of all small businesses.
  • Why profit is more important than revenue AND why cash is more important than profit.
  • 5 key steps to go from feeling overwhelmed, stressed about cash, wondering "Where'd all the money go?" to confident, knowing that you're running your business like a CEO, with the numbers driving your decision making.

Meet Adam Lean

You might've already met Adam.

He was a guest (episode 34) on the A Better HR Business podcast and was so good that I had to get him back.

Adam is the founder of TheCFOProject.com. He’s on a mission to help folks like us get a grip on the flow of money through our business.

He’s seen first-hand how most business owners are letting profit slip right out the window (and most don’t realize it).

And he’s got some simple approaches that will help you fix the leaks and keep more of your revenue.

Ben Geoghegan

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"A very clear and well-structured financial management process for any consultant to use in an HR-related business. Thanks, Adam!"