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This program is for people who have already launched a business in any area of the broad Human Resources function, including Generalist HR, Recruitment, Learning & Development, Employment Law, Compensation & Benefits, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Engagement, etc.

We've successfully helped hundreds of HR consultants around the world to start and grow their business on pretty much every continent - not Antarctica yet :)  

This program is going to help you too.

But First . . . Ben's (Slightly Embarrassing) Backstory

It was hugely exciting when Ben set up his first company (a generalist Human Resources consulting business).

The office doors were definitely going to open to a flood of new clients and he was already ironing a fresh shirt with the expectation that his face would feature prominently on the cover of Inc. magazine as the leader of the fastest-growing consulting firm in history.

The excitement waned a little when, before the business had even opened, bills came flying in thick and fast for all the office set-up costs, insurance, stationery bills, government registration fees, accounting fees, and so on.

Then came the big fancy website built for thousands of dollars which brought in, well, um, no clients.

When opening day arrived for the new business, he had no clients, no calls, no leads, nothing.

It was a huge letdown and more than a little stressful.

He'd left his job.

His old colleagues had presented him with a farewell card and a lovely cake. (He didn't want to go crawling back to them).

He had bills to pay.

Had he made a big mistake?

Strangely enough, he got his first client by accident – by meeting her on a footpath.

Walking along a business district, he spotted the man that his future client was sitting with at a street side cafe – the man had given a business startup evening class that Ben had attended.

Ben ventured over to say hello and to thank the man for his excellent talk.

The two people both tensed-up visibly when they saw Ben walking over to them carrying his document folder – they thought they were about to be pestered to buy something by an annoying street hawker.

Once Ben had explained who he was and that he was starting a Human Resources business, they relaxed and the man who’d met introduced Ben to his friend who apparently had some HR problems – she soon became Ben's first client.

It had taken a huge amount of time, effort and blind luck just to secure that one client.

Long story short, this woman remained a good client who was helping to pay the bills, but Ben realised that it had taken a huge amount of time, effort, and blind luck just to secure that one client.

It was not a simple, repeatable process.

He couldn’t rely on a strategy of hoping to bump into people on the footpath, could he?

Ben decided he needed a system. 

He leaped headfirst into research, reading every sales and marketing book he could find and attending marketing conferences on both sides of the country (Australia’s a pretty big place, remember).

He joined online marketing groups and attended every training webinar he could find.

(Sales and marketing is still an obsession of his to this very day).

Long story short . . .

Ben started building up a nice, flowing pipeline of high quality client work.

Clients sent him to stay in 5-star hotels in Indonesia and elsewhere to work on cool new projects.

Government departments asked him to lead innovative employee HR projects.

And much more. 

Clients sent me to stay in this 5-star hotel in Indonesia and elsewhere to work on cool new projects. 

Through natural evolution, Ben came up with a simple process that could bring in new business leads on a predictable basis.

Thankfully, the process is very flexible.

It’s also easy to implement and easy to rinse and repeat.

You can get your time back and grow your Human Resources business at the same time.

It’s nice to know that you can go from having no customer enquiries or sales leads to having them flow into your business every day on autopilot.

Let's Do This Together

You've got the skills. You've got the experience. You've got this.

Now's the time to build the successful HR business that you deserve. To create an impactful business of your own.

We're going to make it happen - together.

Our team lives & breathes HR marketing. Around 1000 HR businesses and 40 business growth speakers attended our HR business growth online conference. Ben studied HR, worked in HR, and ran his own HR consultancy, and now we only help people from the broad HR field to launch and grow successful HR-related businesses.

You’re dealing with HR marketing specialists. Now it’s time for us to help you using a process we call the HR Business Accelerator.

Together, we will:

  • Identify your personal preferences. There’s no point trying to push water uphill – let’s play to your strengths. 
  • Improve your service offerings so they are more appealing to your new clients. 
  • Find your business sweet spots. Through a fast, structured review, we’ll nail down your sales messaging which you can use for all your sales and marketing.
  • Choose the best marketing methods for your business. This is different for every person and every business. We’ll choose the rights for your personality, your budget, and your goals. 
  • Create your Marketing Plan. The plan will be published in a simple format with agreed activities and goals. If necessary, we will also create your own marketing budget.
  • Build your sales strength. As an in-house HR employee, you never had to sell anything. Now you do. we're going to help you with that.
  • Track your progress. Start with the end in mind, right? What business goals & metrics do you want to achieve and how will we measure your progress? 
  • Keep moving forward and stay positive. We will set realistic targets and work towards them together. We'll help you build healthy business habits and stay positive.

Tiaan Dwyer

Managing Director
FIC Consulting HR, Payroll, & Labour

"Working with Ben and his team was the best decision I could have made for me and for my HR business.  

Thank you Ben for sharing all your knowledge and experience."

All The Information, Resources, & Support You Need

You'll have everything you need in the HR Business Accelerator.

(You'll have access for a full 12 months)

  • A one-to-one Marketing Plan Deep-Dive with Ben - a kick-off deep dive call on Zoom to create your own tailored marketing plan specifically for your HR-related business. We'll do a deep dive into your current situation, challenges, and goals. We'll identify your sales & marketing assets, processes, results, and goals so we can come up with a rock-solid plan to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be. We'll design your business growth road map that you can use to increase the number of customer enquiries, phone calls, and sales made every month.
  • Marketing playbooks for getting more referrals, for using LinkedIn to get more business, how to get speaking opportunities, how to easily generate lots of effective marketing content, etc. 
  • Easy guided online worksheets for you to perfect and keep track of your positioning, offers, marketing strategies, and more. These are stored online inside the portal for us to look at during our Deep Dive.
  • Chat GPT Prompts for you to copy, edit, and paste straight into the AI tool to get excellent marketing material you can use straight away. Even if you've never even of ChatGPT, we've made it super simple. If you can copy & paste, you'll be able to do this. You'll be able to quickly produce marketing resources, LinkedIn posts, and more. You'll even be able to do practice sales meetings where the 'prospective new client' will ask you tricky questions about your service - you'll be so much better prepare for sales meetings from now on!
  • Additional coaching calls with Ben to keep up the momentum and use your tailored marketing plan specifically created for your HR-related business to increase the number of customer enquiries, phone calls, and sales made every month.
  • Fill-in-the-blanks templates for client-attracting LinkedIn posts. Simply answer a few quick questions and you'll instantly receive beautiful presentations which you can save and upload as high-value content in your LinkedIn posts.
  • Automated online To-Do List task tracking to easily keep track of tasks flowing from your marketing plan. 
  • Online accountability tracking to keep you on the right path and keep you confident an motivated.
  • Mini video training courses on key concepts, strategies & tactics for launching a successful HR-related business. All available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Special recorded mini workshop to create your own automated sales lead machine which can automatically nurture sales leads and educate them on your services so they're much more likely to sign up with you as a new client.
  • Recommended reading & resources lists on all aspects of starting and running a new HR-related business, including services, software, books, podcasts, and more.
  • A standing invitation to be a guest on our podcast, A Better HR Business. A friendly, easy interview to build up your promotional skills before expanding your reach.
  • Case study videos from other successful HR business founders -  HR consultants share their real-life start-up experiences and advice.

Jeanette Verhovany

Founder and CEO
 Virtual HR Canada

"The HR Business Accelerator is an outstanding resource for helping HR consultants with any aspect in the Human Resource field which is why I highly recommend Ben and his team without reservation. 

Ben's information is not only fresh, but useful and 100% proven effective."

How The HR Business Accelerator Will Help You

The program will help you if you want . . .

  • You want a step-by-step system to follow to build your HR marketing plan. 
  • You want to get high-value clients who understand and appreciate your expertise (not cheapskate complainers). 
  • You want to avoid the feast or famine cycle that can blight a new HR business and have a steady, repeatable system to bring in HR clients in a predictable way. 
  • You want to be able to focus on your consulting work, not endless marketing tasks that never seem to gain any permanent traction. 
  • You want flexibility and control over your own life, including when and where you work. 
  • You want uncapped earnings that are not determined by your employer’s rating scale and salaries budget. 
  • You want help from HR business growth experts who understands your business.

Ana Josefina Gonzalez

Founder and CEO
Core HR

"Thank you very much, Ben.  

All my gratitude for the outstanding support to my business and me personally.

Your advice and expertise has been so helpful."

Here's What You Can Achieve

Ok, sure, nothing is set in stone. Your outcomes are dependent on your inputs, but after you go through this program, you’re going to be set up for success.

Get this right, and there's a world of opportunity open for you . . . 

  • Make good money: Great money, quicker in less time - it's possible. One of our program participants made $150,000 in her first nine months of business (and she'd just had her first baby!) with several more large deals to close soon too. Another participant quickly picked up an $84,000 one-year deal within the first three months of starting her business and has a solid pipeline for a whole lot more. Others are making $200,000+ to $300,000+ with nothing but a virtual admin assistant (these folks tend to go for big clients and/or large retainer/recruitment work but anything is possible).
  • Make money while you're out of the office: Yeah, we know that sounds corny but you really can generate online and/or recurring income from your knowledge and expertise. Develop HR products to sell online, have clients on recurring retainer, and more. Some of our clients have successfully turned their knowledge into HR products, including books, courses, and templates.
  • Travel: As an independent HR consultant, Ben was sent to stay in 5-star hotels in beautiful locations (all expense paid) to work on fascinating HR projects. The global pandemic caused the big move to remote & hybrid work. Plenty of HR consultants work wherever they want.
  • Become a business leader: You can remain a solo business owner or you can be like some HR business owners we've worked with who have built up a companies with a team reporting to them. Lisa Brown Alexander of Nonprofit HR now has over 130 staff in the company she started on her own). 
  • Flexibility: You can have the time and flexibility to be a parent, a fitness legend, an insatiable book-reader, a great friend, or whatever it is that you value most. Ben adjusts his business timetable to his life, not the other way around.  Gemma Alicia Long started her successful business HR & Co because, as a single parent, she needed the flexibility to look after her daughter.
  • Stick it to the man: Sick of the rat race and the corporate games? A one-million dollar HR business owner we know well started her business because her boss and company culture were awful. Her new business culture is now awesome! Your new business is how you want it to be.

What do you want for you and your life?

Paul Smyth

Managing Director
Top Tier Recruitment

"Ben's team took our marketing and lead generation up to a whole new level. 

They delivered a powerful combination of strategy and tactics to help us reach top-level clients."

About Ben Geoghegan

Ben Geoghegan is the founder of Get More HR Clients and the host of the HR marketing and growth podcast: A Better HR Business.

As a former HR professional and HR consultant now-turned marketing expert for companies in the HR sector, he has helped hundreds of businesses around the world in the HR sector to launch and/or grow faster and easier.

Ben is looking forward to speaking with you about developing your business growth plan to give you the best chance possible of building a highly successful HR-related business.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions others before you asked us before joining the program.

By 'HR', we mean any area of the broad Human Resources function, including Generalist HR, Recruitment, Learning & Development, Employment Law, Compensation & Benefits, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Engagement, etc.  

Yes, we've successfully helped hundreds of HR consultants around the world to start and grow their business on pretty much every continent - not Antarctica yet  :)
We are currently helping HR-related consultancies and HR Tech companies right across the US, in Canada, Australia, the UK, and beyond. More importantly, we've helped hundreds of different types of HR businesses, including Generalist HR, Recruitment, Learning & Development, Employment Law, Compensation & Benefits, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Engagement, etc.

We've created a special online portal which contains everything. After purchase, you'll be emailed details. You'll then have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the portal you'll find all the playbooks, training resources, habit trackers, your specific online To-Do list, and more. 

You'll access for a full year. You'll be able to dive into the program as soon as you register and you'll have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Yes, you'll get your own plan tailored to you and your specific business. The onboarding questionnaire and subsequent one-to-one Marketing Deep-Dive call will be where we co-create your own tailored business marketing plan specifically for your HR-related business.

We'll do a deep dive into your current situation, challenges, and goals.

We'll identify your sales & marketing assets, processes, results, and goals so we can come up with a rock-solid plan to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

We'll review business growth systems and methods successfully being used by other HR-related companies to generate more sales.

Finally, we'll design your business growth road map that you can use to increase the number of customer enquiries, phone calls, and sales made every month.

You'll then execute the plan using the resources, template, etc.

Yes, this program is comprehensive and flexible enough to answer your questions and give you what you need.

Examples of things you may be wondering about include: Not knowing where to start on developing a marketing plan? How to find new clients? All the technical and admin details such as websites, finance management, How much to charge? How to convince businesses to work with you? How to make a success of your HR consultancy?

This program will answer all these questions and more. You'll get your own plan tailored to you, your strengths, your preferences, and your goals. 


We're constantly looking for ways to make things easier for you.

An example: In years gone by, training programs were all about how many training videos there were. Now, we've stripped our videos back to be fewer, shorter, and more of a supplement than the main meal. This means you're not sitting around watching long boring videos when you should be out there winning new business.

Another example: We might decide that you should write some content on your website or post something on LinkedIn. Ok, but let's make it faster and easier for you. So, we've included a number of very helpful ChatGPT prompts which are tailored to the HR market and to your new business.

Our goal is to make the program super helpful and easy to use.

Yep, that's a big one. However, good on you! You've already recognized this as being an area to keep an eye on.

You're not alone in these concerns. Ben was similar and we've helped many others in the same boat. That's why we've built special accountability and motivation elements into the program. This includes online habit trackers, an automated To-Do list, a special module on self-sabotage, and more.

We're humans, not robots (yet!). So, we're giving you information and resources but we're also giving you the support you need to make your new venture a great success. 

This program will give you everything you need to build a successful HR consulting business.

You’ll have everything you need: Knowledge, support, feedback, resources, and a solid action plan.

Most important of all, you’ll now have the confidence to grow a successful HR consulting business that you deserve.

We're obsessed with helping HR professional like you to confidently and successfully grow your own healthy, profitable HR business.

There are a few key reasons:

1. The program covers tactics but it also covers strategy which is always better done early. Some consultants have gone done the wrong path before joining the program which we've then had to help them sort out before they could start achieving real business success. Even small stuff like what to write on your LinkedIn profile is affected by the strategic decisions we make - so let's make those strategic decisions now.

2. The longer you leave it, the more crowded the market gets and the harder it is to cut through the noise to find your ideal types of clients. Start now and you'll achieve momentum and success sooner.

3. On an admin note, the program's price has increased several times before and may be increasing again soon so you'll save money by joining now.

4. If you don't do it now, will you really come back later or will life get in the way? Compare this small investment in your success to a potential upside of $£€50K, $£€100K, or more in additional revenue that may result through having a better marketing plan in place.

5. We reserve the right to close the program to future participants. Get in while it's still available.